Which Is More Attractive Than Putting On Heavy Makeup?

Which Is More Attractive Than Putting On Heavy Makeup?

Improve inner beauty with outer beauty

 In addition to satisfying the appetite, eating smartly can also make us radiate a healthy look from the inside out, which is more attractive than putting on heavy makeup. And can improve inner beauty with outer beauty. This topic is where we can start our study.

how to find your inner beauty

Live a healthy and radiant diet.

Being in the busy rhythm of urban life, it is difficult to relax physically and mentally. If it continues for a long time, it will not only affect the mood but also make the appearance haggard. If you want to be a beautiful and healthy urbanite, you must pay attention to the details of your life.

Eat more fruits and vegetables :

To be beautiful, you must start from the inside out, and you must be careful with your diet. Refined carbohydrates, greasy foods, refined sugars, and oils should be avoided. You should usually eat more fruits and vegetables, and choose a combination of different varieties and colors to ensure balanced nutrition. The skin of vegetables and fruits is only removed when needed because all the valuable vitamins and nutrients are hidden under them. If necessary, the surface should be cleaned before cooking, not before storage.

Do not smoke and reduce alcohol consumption:

Tobacco and alcohol will take away most of the nutrients and vitamins your body needs. Smoking increases the chance of developing respiratory diseases and even lung cancer. You don’t have to tell yourself how dangerous these bad habits are, but quit them quickly. Right!

Drink plenty of boiled water:

Filtered water is better than tap water. Because harmful impurities have been removed, you might as well invest in a filtration system. Absorbing sufficient water every day will help to remove toxins from the body, and the skin will also glow with natural radiance.
Say goodbye to stimulating drinks :
Your body will thank you for it and your appearance will improve. Ideal substitutes for coffee, strong tea, or soda, including filtered water, low-calorie beverages, herbal teas, and fresh fruit or vegetable juices.

Homemade non-alcoholic fresh fruit:

Homemade non-alcoholic fresh fruit cocktails are used as a refreshing alternative to drinking and caffeinated beverages. May wish to use your rich creativity to tune a cocktail of purely personal taste. The preparation method is very simple, you only need juice and a blender, add natural cheese or cinnamon, it will add a different flavor. You can even decorate with fruits to make the presentation more beautiful.

The sequelae of the beauty of high heels.

Wearing high heels undoubtedly makes urban women more beautiful, but office couples who love to wear high heels sometimes feel sore in the heels and calves of their feet after working all day. Be aware of that, this may be a warning sign. Because wearing high heels will increase the chance of spraining the heel and knee, it also puts pressure on the ankle, affecting even the back and waist.

Sequelae heels:

When wearing high heels (more than five centimeters) body will lean forward, so that the bottom of the foot and ankle stress will concentrate on the toes and uneven implicated to his back and knees under pressure, if not pay attention plus very easy to make foot injuries.

Common trauma:

  • Ankle Sprain
To maintain balance, lower body muscles could easily cause excessive tension and pain, severe cases can cause an internal lateral malleolus fracture. In addition, the Achilles tendon of the foot is compressed for a long time and becomes tight, which increases the chance of sprain. In severe cases, it will become inflamed.
  • Plantar Fasciitis
If too much pressure is applied to the soles of the feet, it can cause inflammation of the heel and foot fascia. High-heeled shoes will increase the pressure on the heel part. In severe cases, it will cause fasciitis. If this is the case, it may cause bone spurs in the heel bone. When a person's body weight is concentrated on the sole of the foot, the forefoot and the metacarpal bones can be injured and inflamed due to excessive weight-bearing.
  • Metatarsal Inflammation
Wear high heels foot stress points are concentrated in the forefoot, making the forefoot metatarsal foot bear the entire weight of the body, will walk for too long can cause inflammation of the metatarsal.
  • Foot Knee, Low Back Pain
For a long time wearing high heels can cause lower back muscles ligament strain, resulting in chronic low back pain and hip, knee, and ankle pain. If the posture is incorrect, the situation is more likely to worsen.

Many high-heeled shoes with hallux varus:

adopt a narrow toe style. The long-term squeezing of the toe will cause the big toe joint to be swollen, deformed, and protruding, and even make the hallux varus, which affects the appearance of the big toe. Feel unwell.

High heels can also be beautiful and healthy.

High-heeled shoes make women more beautiful, but after long-term wear, the heels and calves of the feet will feel sore. And wearing high heels will increase the chance of spraining the heel. But as long as you dress well, you can have both beauty and health.

There are ways to dress healthily:

Although wearing high heels is not conducive to foot health, it is unavoidable for people in the city. Instead of adopting the mentality of "love beauty but not life", it is better to refer to the following suggestions to avoid injury to your feet:

  1. When wearing high heels, you can put a soft insole on the forefoot or heel to reduce the pressure on the sole.
  2. The heel height of high-heeled shoes should not be too high, because if the heel is higher than 5 cm (about two inches), the sole of the foot will be unevenly stressed. In addition, the heel bottom should not be too small, which affects the balance.
  3. High-heeled shoes should not be worn every day. If you want to walk or exercise frequently, you should avoid wearing high-heeled shoes to reduce the chance of sprain.
  4. After taking off your shoes after getting off work, you can do some foot relaxation exercises to help stretch your tendons.

Exercise improves the chest line.

A beautiful breast curve is what every woman desires to have. How to shape a perfect breast in a short time requires not only understanding the problems that need to be improved, but also proper maintenance and exercise to achieve the best results.
However, the changes experienced by women in their lifetime (such as puberty, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, etc.) will cause corresponding changes in the breasts. Therefore, beautifying the breasts has almost become a problem that women cannot ignore in their lives, and many female friends will be because their breasts are not full enough And self-sorrowful. Below, we will provide breast exercise and breast protection tips for ladies from all walks of life.

Improve the flat chest motion movement pattern:

The body lying in a horizontal lying mat, his hands holding a dumbbell, grip from the shoulder width or slightly wider than shoulders, barbell pushes up first, slowly lower the barbell to a position above the nipple, Extend both arms as much as possible, repeat 8 to 10 times a day.

Action Points:

Throughout the exercise, straighten your chest, retract your shoulders, tighten your waist and abdomen muscles, do not relax, and focus on your chest muscles, especially when the barbell is pushed to the top, the chest muscles should be fully contracted for 1 to 2 seconds. Bell. The rhythm of each training is very important. When you push up, the speed is slightly faster, and when you put it down, you should use your muscles to control the gravity of the earth as much as possible. Often, the stimulation of the muscles is greater than when you push up.

Four suggestions for shaping perfect lines:

  1. Maintain a correct sitting position, try to straighten your chest, and don't relax your abdomen to cause your chest to sag.
  2. Choosing appropriate breast care products will help strengthen your breasts and increase elasticity.
  3. Tighten the skin surrounding the chest: Open the mouth wide with a smile and repeat 20 times. This action helps strengthen the neck muscles, thereby tightening the chest and keeping the breasts firm and firm.
  4. Don't buy underwear that is too tight, too loose, or uncomfortable.
Keeping all these things in mind, we can also get diagnoses from problems like Breast Cancer.

The secret of live healthy and radiant- [Appearance]

Professional facial treatment:

Professional facial treatment once a month will make the skin healthier and brighter. If you don't want to spend too much money, you can apply an egg white to your face and wipe it off after a few minutes. The skin will feel tight and refreshed.

Do hair care at least once a month:

Even if you trim your hair very well, make sure that the ends of your hair are kept neat, moisturized, and hair quality is always in the best condition. Massaging your scalp appropriately before going to bed will also help you relax. Use your fingertips to massage along the scalp instead of moving the hair. To make the effect more pronounced, follow the formula below and mix with a teaspoon of about 20ml of Base oil (using Jojoba oil as base oil will make the scalp more moisturized):
  •  For normal hair: 3 drops of rosemary oil, 3 drops of lemon oil, and 4 drops of geranium, or cranesbill oil.
  • For dry hair: 3 drops of lavender oil, 4 drops of sandalwood oil, and 3 drops of geranium, or cranesbill oil.
  • For oily hair: 4 drops of basil oil, 4 drops of cypress oil, and 2 drops of rosemary oil.
  • For dandruff hair: 4 drops of lavender oil, 4 drops of geranium oil, and 2 drops of sandalwood oil.

Change the color of your hair:

Tired of looking at the hairstyle for too long, right? 
If you want to maintain your original hairstyle but want to change a little, why not change the color of your hair? 
Consult a professional hairstylist to help you choose the most suitable hair color.

Are you tired of your previous favorite when buying a new lipstick? Why not try the popular shades now? Try a glossy or even silver lip gloss! It can make your appearance look more energetic.

Don't forget the slender finger:

"Avalokitesvara head and broom feet "- Many people only focus on the appearance of hairstyles but neglect the maintenance of hands and toenails. In fact, taking care of them occasionally does not take too much time, but the effect is surprising. May wish to add a small set of equipment, including toe skin remover, toenail knife, toenail polish, toenail polish, a bottle of aromatic massage oil (add a few drops in the bathtub before your pedicure), and a high-quality foot moisturizer Body lotion.

The secret of live healthy and radiant- [Emotions]

Take time to take a walk in nature:

Go with your partner or beloved pet, or even walk alone. Being in nature can recharge your tired body and spirit. Proper exercise can help promote metabolism, especially in winter, it can help keep your body warm, your body shape will begin to improve, and your body can gradually extend your walking time after adapting.

Soaking in an aromatic massage:

You will feel refreshed after a bath when you add 1 drop of lavender oil, 2 drops of citrus oil, and 3 drops of sandalwood oil to the bathwater. After a full day back home from work, the idea of ​​taking an aromatic massage bath is a great idea to relax and relieve stress.

Breathe deeply and deeply:

When you feel tired, doing so will give you more strength and keep you refreshed throughout the afternoon. Taking a deep breath and then exhaling will relax your body and relieve your mental tension.

Keep a hobby:

Keep a hobby that you like Keeping a hobby is an effective way to reduce stress. During the participation process, you may meet new friends from all sides, thus broadening your life circle. Sharing hobbies with like-minded friends and exchanging experiences is also great joy in life.

The secret of live healthy and radiant- [Thoughts]

Boldly try new fragrances:

Boldly try a perfume that you have never used before, and you will feel reborn as if you have become another person. Pick a perfume that you like, whether it's material, color, or attracted by the bottle design, to radiate your unique charm.

Watch less TV and read more books :
To be beautiful must be from the inside to the outside. If you want to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life, you should reduce the time you watch TV, read more books that are good for your body and mind, and have as wide a variety of topics as possible. It can not only increase knowledge but also increase the opportunities for thinking.

To complete a thing you have been procrastinating for a long time :
Procrastination will cause all kinds of psychological and physical distress to us. Just imagine how good it will feel when the worrying thing is completed. Pay off your credit card account, lose excess weight, write to your relatives and friends far away, or enroll in short-term courses. After you start, you will feel that the burden is suddenly reduced.

Evaluate your lifestyle and seek changes :

Do you often feel nervous, tired, irritable, moody, or slow? Negative emotional states can make you look tired on the outside. Carefully reflect on your daily living habits and ways to see if there is a need to change. Consult your friends and make a decision quickly after you measure it.

Choose the most considerate underwear.

Underwear is known as the second skin, and it is natural to take it lightly whether it is comfortable or not. It turns out that the body is more likely to accumulate fat in winter than in summer, so the body shape of the two seasons will inevitably be slightly different. When changing the season of underwear, in addition to considering the trendy styles, it should also be in line with the changes in the body.

To choose a bra that suits you, you must first understand your size. There are two aspects to the bra measurement: one is the size category: the basic size is 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, etc.; the second is the cup type: it can be divided into AA, A, B, C, D, E, and other cups.

The size category is obtained by measuring the lower bust (that is, close to the lower edge of the breast bulge). The size of the lower bust can have a difference of about plus or minus 2.5cm, that is, the following bust size is in the range of 77.5cm to 82.5cm, You can choose a size 80 bra. The difference between the cups should be the size of the upper bust (the highest point of the breast bulge) and the lower bust. The following bust is 80cm, and the upper bust is 90cm, so you should wear an A80 bust.

Cup-type  The difference between 
          upper and lower bust
    AA  Approximately 7.5cm
    A          Approximately 10cm
    B          Approximately 12.5cm
    C          Approximately 15cm
    D          Approximately 17.5cm
    E          Approximately 20cm

In terms of styles, women of different body types can make different choices.

  • For women with a fuller body, you can choose a thick full-body bust. Some bust cups are thick and thin at the bottom, and their function is to gently lift the sagging muscles of the chest. With a full cup bra and wider shoulder straps, the chest can be doubled. In addition, starting from the periphery of the cup, a shoulder strap sewn can also enhance the effect of supporting the chest and create a more beautiful line.
  • The thicker back muscles are measured according to the above method, but they can be more flexible. That is, if your size is 80B, you can choose 85A. The cups of the two are similar in size, but the latter has a longer shoulder strap to avoid over-tightening.
  • Ladies with thinner builds may consider a new design called "water-made bra". This kind of bra has a built-in water bag, which can lift the chest muscles, creating a turbulent effect without losing the naturalness. You can also add thick pads at will to enhance the beauty of the lines.
  • In addition, if you wear a steel wire bust, it is easy to feel the pressure in your chest and feel uncomfortable. You can choose a 3D (3 dimensions) bust. The steel wire in the middle part is slightly bent outwards to reduce contact with the skin.

Tips for wearing intimate underwear

Many people think that underwear is worn inside, so there is no need to pay attention. However, some minor problems in wearing may also cause daily discomfort. Do you also have problems in this regard? Let's find a way to resolve this.

1. Does the shoulder strap always slip off?
Since everyone's shoulders and chest are not the same distance when wearing a new bust, you must adjust the length of the shoulder strap; in addition, if you pay attention, you will find that the design of the back of the bust can also affect the chance of the shoulder strap slipping. For example, the connecting position of the shoulder strap and the buckle is in an arc shape (called U-back), so that the shoulder strap can be fixed in the shoulder position and not easy to slip off. In addition, the shoulder straps of some new busts are connected by triangular buckles, which can also help fix the shoulder strap position.

2. Is the back muscle squeezed out and affects the appearance? 
I believe this is a problem that often plagues women who are obese. As long as you choose a style with thicker elastic centimeters for the shoulder straps, you can increase the tension and will not squeeze out the muscles due to the tight hoops, which is especially suitable when wearing tights.

3. How to maintain the line when wearing a thick coat?
The bust made of beer cups has a sharper outer layer and a stronger material. Even if you wear a thick coat, the beauty of the lines will not be lost. On the contrary, the foam cup looks more oblate, but both are comfortable materials.

4. How to choose a strapless bust?
Most women are worried that the strapless bust will slide down with physical activity. As long as you choose the size that suits you, you will not slip off. Therefore, do not choose a strapless bust that is one size smaller. In addition, many styles of the strapless bust are sewn with cotton non-slip car lines on the edges, which can be close to the skin but not sensitive. In some styles specially designed for plump ladies, the steel wire will be wrapped a little bit higher, which can hold the chest muscles tightly and will not slide down due to activities.

5. Can underwear correct body shape?
The most important thing about wearing underwear is to be comfortable and fit. Remember to go to an underwear shop with a fitting room, and have a professional salesperson to provide advice and carefully measure the size for you. Different styles of underwear have different functions. They will suggest suitable underwear according to your body shape. As long as you wear more, it can be used to modify your body shape in the long run. Don't buy underwear that is too thin or too big, mistakenly thinking that it can correct your body shape. This will only make you feel uncomfortable, or even self-defeating.

Autumn and Winter underwear "Picking Hands" Information.

The so-called "there is the outside but the inside is the inside." If you want clothes to look good, naturally you must wear comfortable underwear that can show beautiful lines. Among them, the bra is the most important personal gift. It is no wonder that it will become clothing in recent years. Part of the match. When the weather turns cold, what should I pay attention to when choosing underwear?

Choosing a bust is no longer limited to the fashion or not; on the contrary, every detail from the tailoring to the materials used is to weigh the body and present the most beautiful section of the figure. Therefore, comfort and tailoring to suit your body shape are the primary indicators for choosing underwear. At the same time, following the needs and trends of different seasons, the influence of ladies in choosing underwear is also increasing.

Color and style design:

The color of summer underwear is mainly plain, to match the outerwear with a lighter color and thinner material. Stepping into the winter, the styles become more and more sophisticated and exquisite. The colors can be exaggerated and bright, such as gray, pink, purple, deep purple and other hues are full of deep winter warm taste, while rose red, sapphire blue, burgundy, etc. are full of festive joy. Wear low-cut evening dresses when attending parties or dances. , More personal charm. Lace and lace decorations have become the mainstream of winter underwear.

Purchase tips: To test whether the underwear feels comfortable to the touch, you can put the lace on the back of your hand and rub it gently. The material should be soft and smooth. You should not buy it if it feels irritating to your hands.


This season's deep V shape on the chest makes the cleavage line more prominent, and the lace on the bust is not easy to be exposed. It is convenient to match the underwear or evening wear with a low V neckline, sexy and noble. However, the tailoring of the cup position should depend on the needs of different body shapes.
Shopping tips: A deeper bust with a V shape is more suitable for ladies with a moderate body shape, and a fuller body needs double support. Choose a full-cup or 3/4-cup bust is more suitable, to avoid the lines are too exaggerated and lose their beauty.


Another important element of choosing underwear is comfortable and nature. Some extra-soft inner cups, such as Lycra soft fiber, have double the elasticity of ordinary elastic fiber and combined with low-density foam materials, it feels softer and more intimate when worn, and its breathability also increases comfort. The inner cup made of foam cup material is suitable for wearing all year round.

Care tips: The latex material cup is equally comfortable to wear, and it is not easy to be deformed by washing.

The shoulder straps:

They are made of soft fish silk. In addition to having a sense of transparency and strengthening the function of supporting the chest, there are also more options for wearing: the movable fish silk shoulder strap can go around the neck, and it is matched with a low chest or no Evening dress is most suitable. Some shoulder straps are designed to match the embroidered pattern on the outer layer of the cup cover and are also sewn with soft lace, which will not curl due to movement. However, due to the lack of elasticity of the lace shoulder straps and limited adjustment space, women with thicker back muscles may feel a little tight.

Shopping tips: The two small shoulder strap styles that have become popular in summer will continue to be popular in autumn and winter. Even if the shoulder straps are exposed outside the clothes, it will not be embarrassing. You may wish to consider matching them when wearing a vest.

The inner layer of the cup cover:

To enhance the supporting capacity, the major brands can be said to have their unique ideas. One of the new designs is to add net support to the inner layer of the cup to push the muscles on both sides of the chest into the cup to help fix the chest line. The steel ring is also a very important part of supporting the chest. Wacoal's first ultra-soft steel ring made of memory wire, even after being washed by a washing machine, deforms, when the steel ring encounters a body temperature of 25 degrees, it will gradually Restore the original design shape to ensure that the best supporting force is maintained for a long time and reduce the pressure on the lower bust.

Shopping tips: When buying, you should choose a particularly soft and elastic steel ring, otherwise the body's skin may be damaged due to movement or friction.

(This article was reviewed by our Consultant Physician)


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